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Alison Gunn

Director and Veterinarian

Alison is a veterinarian who has worked in the beef and dairy industry in Australia for nearly 30 years. She completed a Masters in Dairy Cattle Medicine in 1997, while working for the University of Melbourne based at Maffra Vet Centre.   In 1996 she obtained Membership the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists through examination in Medicine of Dairy Cattle.


Alison has worked in clinical farm animal practice in most Australian states, giving her a wide range of experience in beef, dairy and sheep medicine and production in different farming systems. From 2006-2014 she was employed as a Senior Lecturer in Ruminant Health at the University of Sydney in a clinical teaching role. During this time, she was the project manager for series of MLA projects on Calf Scours in Suckler Beef Herds.


She has also been involved in developing and delivering several “flipped” courses for vets and advisers through Dairy Australia including ReproRight and Countdown MQ, as well as delivering Time Online Courses for the Centre for Veterinary Education. 

In 2015 she moved to Walpa and established Herd Solutions.


Special interests include ruminant nutrition, parasite management, calf health, milk quality, bovine reproductive performance, on-farm biosecurity programs, and farmer and veterinary education.

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Alison Gunn
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